Managed Advertising  Campaigns 

Whether your goal is brand awareness, leads or increased sales,  I will create and run Facebook advertising campaigns for your business, service or event.

Working in partnership with you, this hassle-free service provides you with complete confidence that your ads are being managed by an expert so you can concentrate on running your business.

The benefits &  how it works…

This end to end management service means you will have:

CLEAR DIRECTION – a creative advertising strategy for your business, explained in plain English/jargon-free so you are super clear what Ads will achieve for your brand.

ACCESS TO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS  – the advertising campaigns will be seen by (hundreds of) thousands of new people who are most likely to be interested in your product/service.

PEACE OF MIND – you can rest assured that your ads are being managed by an expert and that your marketing budget is spent wisely and effectively

MORE TIME – with your marketing campaign being professionally managed, you are released to invest your time in running your business.

CONFIDENCE – with regular touch-points and updates, you will be fully informed of how the campaigns are performing and the all-important data including Return on Ad Spend!



Once we have agreed to work together, I will quickly get up to speed on your business. I will ask you to complete some onboarding questionnaires and we will have a 1 hr 121 kickoff meeting via zoom. 

Armed with information about your business and your goals, I will create an advertising  strategy of how we can best utilise Facebook and Instagram advertising.

On the technical side – I’ll ensure Business Manager and Ads Manager are set up correctly, Pixels installed and your catalogue is paired (if relevant) as well as getting up to speed on lessons from any past campaigns.




Ad campaigns only work if you are targeting the right people!

Based on our conversations, I will create a number of ‘personas’ to target. Using Facebook’s sophisticated targeting tools, I will spend time researching the best ways to be able to reach those people and create a range of audiences to test.

These will be a mixture of ‘cold’ audiences (people who have never heard of you) and ‘warm’ audiences (people who have some connection with your business ie Facebook followers or website visitors).





This is where the ad campaign really starts to come together! Using a variety of copy and assets, I will create the advertising campaigns to run on Facebook and/or Instagram.

The campaigns will test different audiences, copy, images and placements.

Depending on the size of the project, this may involve a number of different campaigns running at the same time. The goal is to find the ‘sweet spot’ that resonates with the right audience to get the outcomes (sales/ leads/ awareness) that you are looking for. 



Managing these campaigns takes a lot of time, something most business owners don’t have. On a daily basis, I will manage and optimise your campaign, including removing underperforming ads/ testing new ads/creating new audiences and providing any recommendations to enhance performance.

How do you know if all of this is working?

We will have a weekly 15min check-in and I produce a monthly report of valuable campaign metrics and results to let you know how things are progressing and, importantly, the return on investment.




This package is for businesses who are committed and driven to achieving the maximum from Facebook & Instagram ads.

Monthly Ad management and delivery: please contact for fee (dependent on size and complexity of the campaign)

You will also need an ad spend budget (paid direct to Facebook) Please bear in mind that great results rarely happen instantly and we will need a period of testing, learning and refining.  I can advise on a suitable ad spend depending on your objective and type of business.