Work with me….

Whether you are looking to completely outsource your advertising campaigns or run a basic campaign with some training and advice, I have just the right package to support you! 

  ‘Managed For You’  Ad Campaigns

Your goal may be brand awareness or an increase in quality leads or sales. The benefits of this ‘done for you’ service mean that you will have:

CLEAR DIRECTION – a creative advertising strategy for your business, explained in plain English/jargon-free so you are super clear what Ads will achieve for your brand.

ACCESS TO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS  – the advertising campaigns will be seen by (hundreds of) thousands of new people who are most likely to be interested in your product/service.

PEACE OF MIND – you can rest assured that your ads are being managed by an expert and that your marketing budget is spent wisely and effectively!

MORE TIME – with your marketing campaign being professionally managed, you are released to invest your time in your own zone of genius-  running your business!

CONFIDENCE – with regular touch-points and updates, you will be fully informed of how the campaigns are performing and the all-important data including Return on Ad Spend!

Support &


If you are a sole trader, entrepreneur or business working with a small budget for ads spend, you may simply need support to run a basic campaign!

For those completely new to social media advertising, my Beginner’s Facebook Advertising Training would be a great place to start!

For those already tinkering with ads or running their own campaigns, take advantage of a one-off Power Hour or 3hour Power Support package.  You will enjoy;

121 TAILORED SUPPORT – focusing on your ad account and how to improve your ads

EXPERT ADVICE – from me, a Facebook & Instagram specialist with over 20 years of marketing experience!

 EMPOWERMENT – learn from me to improve your own knowledge and skillset

CONFIDENCE– that you are running ads effectively, making best use of your marketing budget